About Us

Adsmos is a Bangladeshi classified online marketplace that allows you to buy, sell Rent Exchange anything. Arguably, the most satisfactory deals are those that are struck between people that live in the same city or country. is the most prominent classified website for Bangladesh sellers and buyers of new and used products.

Users can post ads on in less than One minutes. All that a non-user has to do is create an account – at no cost – and submit their ads.

If you’re in the market for a second-hand car, laptop, or mobile phone, you will enjoy browsing the assortment of items available. Therefore, you have an advantage because you can choose from the best prices. is also a marketplace for brand new items; you can buy anything, including software, electronics, pets, and furniture. grants access to tens of categories that allow everyone to get what they’re after. The quality that we strive to uphold is further seen as we assess all ads that are being posted painstakingly. This ensures that the ads adhere to our standard guidelines.